Sage Cream Pasta

A pasta with a smoky, nutty, creamy sauce (for one)

Handful spaghetti (or preferred pasta)

Trader Joe’s Veggie Broth (optional)

1/3 cup Plain, unsweetened soymilk

3 tbs flour

3 tbs Earth Balance

6 dashes sage

2 dashes oregano

Parsely for prettiness

Dash ground clove

Parsely or sage leaves for garnish (optional)
Cook pasta according to package instructions (but a minute under lowest time so you can finish cooking it in the sauce, as the Italians do)

If you want, add a little veggie broth to the water; the savory flavor will balance the sweeter sauce

While pasta is cooking, make sauce in a separate pan:

Brown the butter on medium low heat. When it smells sweet and nutty, turn off heat and add the milk cold to stop cooking. Mix in spices and flour, breaking up lumps in flour. Reduce on low heat while pasta is cooking, stirring occasionally, until creamy. If sauce is too thick, add more milk or some reserved pasta water.

When timer goes off, drain pasta and cook in pan with sauce for a minute or two. Plate with tongs for best presentation.


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