A Day Eating Out in the City

As a certified Broke College Student™, I do not eat out very much. Most of my meals are made in the little rice cooker that sits on my dorm room desk, which is why most of my blog posts are made when I am back home or on vacation. But, when the parents come into town, I get to take advantage of the fact that I live in the culinary capitol of the world. Today, my mom came to see a Tisch performance of Hairspray with me. The play was great, but my favorite part of the day was all the food we ate! As soon as I find out I have family visiting, I begin making dining plans. I started out the day with my mom with brunch at Blossom. I had the french toast. It was tasty and just the right amount of cinnamon-y, but not as crunchy as I like.

Blossom’s French Toast

Later, we went to dinner at the new Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl is owned by Ravi Derossi, a vegan restaurateur with 15 non-vegan restaurants — until now. Ravi has finally decided to reconcile his business life with the conscience that guides his personal life; he is turning all his restaurants vegan. He began by opening the very high-end restaurant, Avant Garden (get it?), which I have yet to try, but the menu is pretty hard to understand, which means it’s pretty fancy. Next he transformed his Polynesian tiki bar, Mother of Pearl, into a vegan restaurant run by Chef Daphne Cheng.

Image result for mother of pearl nyc
The beautiful Mother of Pearl dining room



Next to go will be the very animal-product-centric spot, the Bourgeois Pig, which will reopen as a vegan tapas restaurant. I was very excited to eat at Mother of Pearl after reading the delicious-sounding menu and seeing the photos of the gorgeously-decorated, tropical space online. When we arrived it did not disappoint — it was just as beautiful in person and the food was delicious! I ordered rum fried rice, and my mom ordered banana/plantain/taro chips with orange guacamole, edamame spring rolls and lychee potstickers.

Dragonfruit Rum Fried Rice

If you have never had Polynesian food before, it is extremely sweet and full of fruit. For dessert we had chocolate haupia pie, which is a bottom layer of soft, flaky pie crust, a middle layer of rich chocolate cream and a top layer of coconut cream. Everything we tried was great; even my mom, who is very picky, kept saying how good it was! I only wish I had tried the jackfruit buns. I am very interested in jackfruit’s use as a seitan alternative and the buns seem to be one of the few savory-sounding dishes on the menu. Guess I’ll just have to go back!



(Note: Pictures are not mine. It was dark and also I forgot to take them.)


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