Impossible Burger

For your sake I resisted the urge to give this post a super tacky title like “Impossibly Good”, but this burger really is so good! It tastes just like a “real” burger, thanks to the heme. Heme is a component of blood that gives meat its signature taste. Don’t worry, there’s no blood in it! Beyond Meat, the makers of the Impossible Burger replicate the flavor with synthetic heme. 

The burger is slightly smokey and really flavorful — it hits all the flavor points of meat. The texture is identical and most scarily, it looks just like meat. It’s even red in the center! 

It almost made me nervous to eat it! But I was glad I did because not only is it as good as meat, it’s better. I know that is a very controversial claim but I really believe it. It was easy for me to go vegetarian because I never really liked meat anyway. I would eat my side dishes enthusiastically and then hide the meat under a napkin. It just doesn’t have as much flavor as vegetables. But the Impossible Burger I actually liked, despite  its resemblance to meat. It was brought over the top by Nishi’s special sauce and my addition of french fries to the burger (à la my mom). 

I learned from my mom to add your fries to your burger — so good!
Hopefully the burger will become more widely available and accessible to consumers. As my carnist dad said, “It’s really good, tastes just like a burger and I would even choose it over a burger because [with zero cholesterol] it’s healthier for me!”. 

A screenshot of the text my dad sent to my mom after trying the Impossible Burger
This is the first veggie burger to really embraced by carnists; looks like it could be the future!


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