Eating Vegan in Florence, or That Time I at Three Paellas in One Day

I should begin this post by back-tracking a little and telling you guys that I am spending this semester studying abroad in Madrid! Studying in Europe gives us the amazing opportunity to travel somewhere different every weekend. This weekend I went to Florence to visit to of my friends from birthright, Jake and Cassi, who are studying there. I was super excited to go because my friend Cassi is also vegan, so I knew it was going to be a weekend of great food!

Fruit in Florence is amazing!

We started day one by heading to a sandwich place suggested by one of Jake’s friends. As usual I was skeptical about the vegan options at a sandwich place but it turned out you could make your own panino. I made one with spinach, sundried tomato and eggplant (could have switched the eggplant for truffle sauce!), and it was delicious, as warm crusty bread filled with flavorful vegetables always is. 

After a few hours of trying and failing to sightsee in the pouring rain and eventually just giving up and going back to the apartment to drink moscato, we ate lunch at Universo Vegano, a fast casual burger place. I had a pretty good burger and a super yummy chocolate-filled croissant. I would definitely go back there someday to try their pizzas and other dessert options.

Desserts at Universo Vegano, please excuse the geofilter

The next day we had brunch at Veggy Days — the reason I am writing this blog post. I started off with a croissant which was perfect then I had “riso nero alle verdure”, which was really similar to a paella but with black rice. I finished with a chocolate chocolate chip muffin. I ate every grain of rice from the paella and licked crumbs from the muffin wrapper. 

Still thinking about this paella
This place was so good that I would not stop talking about it for the rest of the day to the point where my friends finally acquiesced and took me back there for dinner so they could try this rice for themselves. So they each ordered a paella — and I ordered two, along with a slice of torta gianduja which was basically a newtella cake/pie type thing and IT WAS SO GOOD it was chocolatey and warm and fudgey and uggghh!! 

Cassi made sure to snap a photo of me with my two paellas

So of course the next day I had to go back there for lunch, almost making myself miss my flight in the process, and eat two paellas and a slice of cake in under 15 minutes, to the amazement/horror of the other patrons. 

I might have to go back to Florence just to eat this cake again

Interestingly enough though, there was a guy eating there — the same guy — who at one point approached us to say “I’m glad I’m not the only crazy person who eats here every meal”. Nope, kind stranger, if you lived in Florence you’d have to be crazy, not to eat here every meal!

In conclusion, have patient/understanding friends, visit them in Florence, eat every meal at Veggy Days and drink moscato!



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