It’s Really Hard to Photograph Spaghetti, Okay? 

Keeping a food blog updated while living in a dorm is the real struggle! I barely have time to do anything, let alone make real food, so I end up making this spaghetti recipe A LOT! Like almost once a day. It’s basically a dorm essential: easy, filling, doable with only two dishes (a pot and a fork) and easy to remember. I’m not even going to put this recipe in traditional format, with steps and an ingredient list, because it’s just so simple and quick. First get your water boiling. SALT YOUR WATER. Just because we’re living in a dorm doesn’t mean we need to be complete savages! Have some decency guys. Put a lot more salt than you think you need. Put like a half a handful; if you taste the water, it should taste like the ocean. This is how you make pasta. Next cook the spaghetti according to the package instructions. When it’s done, strain it, or do it like I do and just use the fork to hold back the spaghetti while you pour the water out in the sink. I tell people I do this to “reserve pasta water” but really I’m just too lazy to wash the strainer. Now in the pot, combine spaghetti, tomato paste, Earth Balance*, oregano, garlic powder, thyme and onion cream (if you have it, or just onion powder and olive oil), vegan parmesan or nooch and toss together. Now eat it out of the pot in true college student fashion.




*Disclaimer: There is no Earth Balance in Spain so I use a brand called Munsterland but I wrote Earth Balance because I assume that’s what you guys are using.


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