Forbidden Fried Rice

This recipe combines my ongoing love of fried rice and my newfound obsession with black rice. Black rice is also called forbidden rice because in ancient China only emperors were allowed to eat it due to its high value from the great taste and health benefits it possesses. You know I love my junk food but black rice is super tasty and I feel super healthy eating it!


1 cup day old Black rice, cooked (I cooked mine Cuban style with garlic and olive oil)

1 Follow Your Heart egg

1 leek

Canola oil

Soy sauce

Sesame oil

Ginger (Haven’t found fresh in Madrid so I used dried but use fresh if you have it!)


Carrots (optional)


Prepare Follow Your heart egg and fry in canola oil.

While egg is frying mince about an inch of the white part of a leek.

When egg is ready, add rice, soy sauce to taste, ginger and peas and cook, stirring, until rice is hot.

Lower heat and stir in leeks and a drop of sesame oil.

Serve hot.


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