Eating Vegan in Paris

Paris is probably the least vegan-friendly city I have ever been to. A french menu has a meat section, a fish section and a dessert section. There are rarely any vegetable dishes. If you go to a French restaurant you can maybe get some kind of vegetable or eat french fries as your meal. Instead I decided to avoid French restaurants while I was in Paris and ate mostly at Asian restaurants, one vegan French restaurant I found, an Italian restaurant and Le Pain Quotidien. In the Italian restaurants you have to be careful because the pasta is usually “fresh” which means it’s homemade with eggs, so it’s best to get pizza instead. Ask for the pizza without cheese and with vegetables. At Le Pain Quotidien, everything that’s vegan is labeled and there are lots of vegan options, including muffins! The vegan restaurant I went to is called Gentle Gourmet Cafe. It is a fancy (read: expensive) all-vegan restaurant serving French cuisine, including macarons!

I started with a squash veloute with mascarpone and garlic croutons
Next I had a foie-gras and port-soaked onion crostini
Then I had cheese balls made with Vegusto parmesan and served with root vegetable mince
For dessert I had a dark chocolate ganache dome filled with mango gel

I also took coffee macarons and a pain au chocolat to go. All of the food was delicious, a great blend of flavors and textures, and stunning presentation. This was the highlight of my food experience in Paris.


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