Bacon Mac and Cheeseburger

Right before I left the US, the Impossible Burger came out and I was able to try it at Nishi and I loved it! Here in Spain the best burger I have been able to find is Linda McCartney’s soy burgers. I made this burger first by frying the patty on medium for about 14 minutes, flipping every 3-4 minutes. Next I gave some minced onions a quick caramelization in the pan with the burger grease. While the burger was cooking I boiled some pasta which I then tossed in Violife mozzarella, plain unsweetened soymilk and some Vegan Magic bacon grease to make the bacon mac and cheese. Lastly I tried to replicate the secret sauce from Nishi by mixing ketchup with some garlic aioli (if you really want to get close to the Nishi sauce try adding some minced pickles/cornichons). I combined all of this on a sesame bun and it was GOOD.


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