Le Pain Quotidien

Getting your carnist friends to go to a vegan restaurant with you always feels like you’re cashing in a favor with them, so it’s nice when you can find a nonvegan restaurant that serves a lot of vegan options, like Le Pain Quotidien! Le Pain Quotidien has a lot of locations worldwide, including in New York, but I never tried it until I came to Madrid. They have a clearly marked vegan menu which even includes baked goods.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin
Carrot Cake

In the Madrid location, I eat their baguettes, their banana chocolate-chip muffin and carrot cake muffin (they also have a white-chocolate strawberry muffin), their vegan croissant, hummus and avocado toast.

Avocado Toast with Goji Berries and Sesame Seeds

In Paris their muffin options were different: apple-cinnamon and blueberry. All of their muffins are delicious. You can also get drinks with soymilk and lots of other vegan dishes depending on the location.



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